Trends Pro #0032 — 🔹 Micro-SaaS

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Trends Pro #0032 — 🔹 Micro-SaaS


Save 50+ hours of research. Get exclusive insights into Micro-SaaS.

What you'll get:

  • 50 Micro-SaaS Products (455% More)
  • 6 Predictions (100% More)
  • 11 Opportunities (120% More)
  • 10 Summarized Links (233% More)
What you'll learn:
  • How to find a valuable problem to solve?
  • Which founder makes $100K+ per month and buys competitors?
  • Which companies were shut down due to platform changes?
  • How can you reduce friction, improve discovery and acquire customers?
  • How will large companies use Micro-SaaS to their advantage?
  • Which companies are monetizing open-source?
  • How to boost LTV and acquire customers for your Micro-SaaS?
  • How to reduce horizontal competition?
  • and a lot more...

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