Trends Pro #0034 — 🏬 Micro-Marketplaces


Save 50 hours of market research and get exclusive insights into Micro-Marketplaces.

What you'll get:

  • 56 Micro-Marketplaces (522% More)

  • 5 Predictions (150% More)
  • 12 Opportunities (140% More)
  • 5 Key Lessons (150% More)
  • 10 Summarized Links (233% More)

What you'll learn:
  • Which metrics should you track?
  • Which company locks in supply and demand with one tool?
  • How to use strategic friction to create balance?
  • How to sidestep network effects and leapfrog incumbents?
  • Why will there be more service marketplaces?
  • How to maintain quality and churn bad supply?
  • Why will there be more managed marketplaces?
  • How to use risk reversal to grow your marketplace?
  • and a lot more... 

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